What You Get

What do you get with Campus RX?

We want to eliminate the extra stress that happens when getting sick or needing to see a doctor.

Doctor Note

You can get a doctor’s note if you need it. No more unexcused absences!

24/7/365 Access to Doctors

You get access to board certified physicians. One fee lets you speak to a doctor as many times as needed!

Your Appointment Anywhere

You can speak to the doctor from lab to lecture hall or bedside to the beach.

Use Any Device

You can speak to a doctor with your phone, computer, iPad, video.

100% Privacy & HIPAA-Compliant

All consults and medical records are 100% private and HIPAA-compliant. Don’t worry, no one sees them without your ok!

Lots of Discounts

You get discounts on other services!


need to remember appointments

have wait times

drive sick to the doctor

fill out paperwork

have out of pocket expenses

miss classes