Exhausted and Tired College Student
Exhausted and Tired College Student
Exhausted and Tired College Student
Exhausted and Tired College Student
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Do your students need privacy with a

medical professional after hours?

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Need an adjunct to a busy

student health clinic?

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Rather Stay Home

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Your school’s virtual student health clinic
even when students are not on campus.

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All universities and colleges face the same challenge – delivering healthcare to their constituents (students, faculty, dependents) in a cost-effective, time-efficient, clinically effective and at the lowest cost available. Over 75mm of students are enrolled in colleges and universities in America. A recent poll suggests that approximately 45% of that population feels that their health is less than average; one in four will experience the flu over the year; 20% experience at least one chronic physical condition; over 35% experience some form of mental health challenge over the school year with 20% have considered suicide and 10% actually attempting. Experts believe that 7 reasons account for this health challenge: sleep deprivation; stress; diet; lack of hygiene; nightlife; lack of exercise and no adult supervision. This health challenge is not going away.

The health of this population presents a physical and mental health challenge where a combination of wellness screening and 24/7 service is needed to keep the college community healthy and safe. An integrated health service is the most effective means to meet these needs.

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The American Medical Association recently updated guidelines on its policy regarding telemedicine and suggested “telemedicine can strengthen the patient-physician relationship and improve access to receive care remotely, as medically appropriate, including treatment for chronic conditions, which are proven ways to improve health outcomes and reduce health care costs”.

By combining the recent advances in smartphone and computer technology with students who may need to see a provider for non-emergent conditions, Campus Rx was created as a means of bringing cutting edge technology to a steadily growing student population. It was developed to serve as a primary resource for those institutions that may not have a student health center, or as adjunct to those who do, by allowing your students access to board-certified providers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from almost anywhere in the United States.

We have negotiated competitive rates to provide this service at a fraction of the cost of traditional healthcare delivery systems. And now more than ever, telemedicine’s cost savings and various delivery options meet the healthcare needs of the tech-savvy student population using technology that they are very familiar with – their phones.

School administrators across the nation are finding value in telemedicine’s ability to manage routine illnesses (such as allergies, bronchitis, sore throats, sinusitis, respiratory or urinary tract infections), allowing staff to reserve face-to-face visits for more serious conditions. Healthcare delivery via telemedicine becomes a natural complement to existing health services by providing timely consultations that can be provided anywhere and is a more affordable and convenient means to address most non-emergent care needs without any compromise in the quality of care.

Join other institutions that have already decided to provide this invaluable service to their students!!

For more information about Campus Rx and how it would benefit your students and institution, complete the form below to speak with a Campus Rx representative.